About Us

From the beginning, I grew up with nature as my back yard and I loved it. So much was my appreciation that I literally bathed with its fruits, made body packs and scrubs with its sands, mud and sulfur refreshing myself in its rivers, beaches and hot springs. Time was my only expense and it too belonged to Nature. It was in that nature absorbed indulgencies that I began the journey to Mosheenspice Naturals. 

 I thought Growing up on the island of Grenada, this lifestyle was easily facilitated. Located in the Eastern Caribbean the small island known as Grenada the isle of spice is surrounded by beautiful beaches and its volcanic soils boasts a lush vegetation which includes cocoa and exotic spices like Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Cloves to name a few. It was on my way home from visiting one of islands many hot springs I met Mott Green, an American who fell in love with island and was living there part time. During one of my many conversations with Mott, I learned about his dream to create Dark Organic Chocolate using the cocoa on the island which was hardly being processed in Grenada. I thought it was a fabulous idea and I was hooked. 

This idea is now The Grenada Chocolate Co. It was a result of that friendship and my association with the company that I had access to this amazing high quality cocoa butter and there I started nixing with oils, oils that were of plant based. I, my family and friends became hooked. Nutmeg has been used on the island as a spice for foods and also for various medicinal uses, and so I in cooperated the fat from the nutmeg into this now body butter which added another dimension. It had more healing power and then the word started spreading and demand grew more for its healing properties because then in 2000 it was still in its nude stage, heavy, and a strong smell of nutmeg and cocoa. So I was making and selling chocolate while creating this body butter project on the side.

 After six years with the chocolate company I decided to give my full attention to my project. Mosheen Spice Naturals, more sheen, more light, more goodness from the isle of spice and all other naturals hence the name. It is a home based project now based in NYC and is still being made in small batches. We now have five types of amazing body butters. These body butters are a unique fusion of some of nature‚Äôs finest butters, essential oils, fruit extracts, oil vital ingredients, rejuvenating, healing and moisturizing the skin; protecting the cells and membranes from environmental damages. These butters, contains no animal products, petroleum or other toxic preservatives.